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"In the seven years they have been together, Patrick Major has seen Sammy Davis transform from a playful pet to one of the fastest dachshund racers in the state. Even though he stands only about 6 inches tall, Sammy can pump his stubby little legs and leap through the air to catch Frisbees nearly as big as he is. And, this pooch was a doggie pinup in the International Disc Dog calendar three years running." Read More Here

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Saint Mary’s College Intercultural Center: Black Graduate Celebration 2016

May 19, 2016
Last week, I received a request from the SMC Intercultural Center to serve as alumni pinner for the 2016 black graduation ceremony for Saint Mary’s College (CA).
My response below:
Hi Chris. My name is Cesar Ramos and I am the Coordinator of the Intercultural Center.
I was wondering if you were interested in being our alumni pinner at this year’s Black Graduate Celebration at SMC. After each student is presented to the audience, they will walk over to the alumni pinner and get pinned.
The ceremony takes place on Thursday May 19th at 6 p.m. cover-small1We’d love to have you do this as someone that has always supported SMC and the students!
Please let me know if you are available and interested. Thank you!


Cesar Ramos M.P.A., Coordinator, Intercultural Center 


 Dear Cesar,

It would be an honor recognizing the hard work, effort and determination of the students receiving their degree.

I believe a degree from Saint Mary’s College of California is an unique achievement and honor. Especially, given the difficulty in obtaining that level of education for many students, anywhere! A Lasallian education is the best education. As a proud graduate, athlete, and HP student (under the direction of Tom Brown) – it is truly an honor accepting your invitation. It should be a evening of celebration for our students of diversity. A degree from SMC opens all possible options in life. No excuses, beautiful.


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