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"In the seven years they have been together, Patrick Major has seen Sammy Davis transform from a playful pet to one of the fastest dachshund racers in the state. Even though he stands only about 6 inches tall, Sammy can pump his stubby little legs and leap through the air to catch Frisbees nearly as big as he is. And, this pooch was a doggie pinup in the International Disc Dog calendar three years running." Read More Here

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HYA Baseball 4 East Africa & Chess – Migori, Kenya

hyargbfinalChris Major, HYA President will embark on a Rotary baseball and chess fellowship mission to East Africa, June 24- July 26, 2016. The host club is the Rotary Club of Suna-Migori, Kenya, D9212. Chris is a member of the Rotary Club of San Rafael Harbor, D5150 USA. He encourages Rotarian and non-Rotarian global partners for this youth outreach in Migori County, Kenya, East Africa.

We are actively collecting youth baseball equipment. If you have old equipment; (bats, helmets, shoes, gloves, baseball, softballs, bottled water) we appreciate your donating them to HYA Baseball 4 East Africa & Fellowship mission.

We are exploring a 15U travel baseball team to play in Migori, Kenya in 2017.

For equipment donation, send email to: HYA is a 501c(3) not for profit public benefit; tax deductible corporation. We accept donations using paypal. (


Ben Onam, Rotary Club of Suna-Migori, Charter President, 2012-13, Peter Ndaga, Kenya Little League, and David Waore, Kenya Little League are developing youth baseball in the community. An exciting and historic proposal in Africa. We salute their incredible progress over the past 5 years.


Saint Mary’s College of California Alumni Magazine. Paying It Forward: “Sharing the Spirit” Autumn 2008

1. Chairman: Joseph Odero-

2. Secretary: David Waore –

3. Coach: Peter Ndaga –

4. Rotarian Benedict Onam, Rotary Club Suna-Migori –

Our goal would be a 17 day goodwill ambassador trip to Migori, Kenya, Africa. This would include Rotarians, non-Rotarians, corporate interest, investors, players & parents on a historic trip to Migori, Kenya, Africa: July 2016.

Sharing the Spirit, Autumn 2008



1. To involve the youths in activities that help them to interact and team up their energies in achieving socio-economic and cultural gains
2.To foster the spirit of peaceful co-existence.

To make baseball and softball a sport that fosters the spirit of fair competition, determination and tolerance, culminating into peace building.

Strive for Excellenceb4a2

Historical Background
Baseball and softball are games that are completely alien to Migori County. Before 2010, the two sporting activities were never known to the people, young and old, of Migori. Around about the month of February, 2010 Bishop Esau Jobando of Africa Outreach Ministries Church, an affiliate of the Hands On Africa Mission, approached the management and head teachers of some neighboring schools within the catchment area of the church, to allow for the introduction of baseball in their schools. This was going to be initiated by some interested missionaries from the United States of America, who were soon paying visit to the region on courtesy of his Africa Outreach Ministries. Eight schools, St. Kathrin Warisia, Wasio, Midoti, Siling, Kowiti, Got Kachola, and Kilimanjaro Primary Schools were (recruited) included in the initial introduction. In March, 2010, Thomas Wilson, pictured below in action, from Chicago

G:\bluetooth\TOM WILSON.jpg
 Illinois led a team of four other baseball experts in conducting a workshop and clinic in baseball for the heads, the games teachers and school community members. The workshop and clinic which addressed the basics and originality of baseball, went for a whole week. The schools were later given the baseball equipment which included, myths, bating sticks, balls for the baseball and softball, catcher’s gears, helmets and base pads. Each school was also given a set of uniforms for boys and girls including the caps. The trained personnel’s from each school were requested to form teams for 12U and 15U both boys and girls and to start practicing for competitions immediately. Thomas Wilson and his team visited each school to give introductory training to the players and popularize the game. In July of the same year 2010, Tom, as Thomas Wilson was later to be popularly known, led another team of experts from the US, who went around the eight schools, training and also assessing the level of skills acquisition amongst the players. A tournament involving the players of the eight schools was organized at Wasio School umpired by Tom and his colleagues from the US.

In September 2010, Tom returned with a big group of youths. Amongst them was Jenna, who went round the schools to introduce the girls to the softball game. And as usual, Tom and his group made visits to the schools and at the end of the visits, a tournament was organized at Wasio Primary School to mark the end of that season as is indicated in the picture below.

G:\My photos\1922439_599440933471833_937722649_n.jpg

2011 was a year which saw some good improvements in the game. Mr. Peter Ndaga pictured below

G:\My photos\1452215_551905728225354_655490697_n.jpg

was formally appointed by Tom to help beef up the training and coaching by making school visits during the days of the week throughout the school term.

In 2013 there were only two visits i.e. in March and September. In March a playing field was done at Wasio Primary complete with a backstop and players’ dug-outs. It became the first field with a backstop in the country. This development boosted the morale of the trainers, coaches and players. In September of the same year, a similar field was done at Ugari Primary school. During this visit, no training and tournament took place since there was a national strike of all teachers.

2014, March saw teams from Meru County in Eastern Kenya and Nairobi County teams coming to Migori for a National tournament. The two fields hosted the tournament, which saw Meru Team scoop the Under 17 girl’s baseball, Nairobi team taking the Under 17 boys baseball whereas Migori scooped the coveted 15 U boys’ team. Trophies were awarded to the winning teams in each category.

There were visits in September 2014 and in December 13th – 21st, 2014; Meru hosted the continental championship to pick the best team to represent Africa at the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) championships in Japan in August. 2015.

Five players from Migori association were selected to form the Team Kenya at the Tournament. Three officials (Scorers) also accompanied the Migori team.
Our Association has developed a very healthy partnership with the Rotary Club of Suna – Migori with the help of the Charter President – 2013/2014, Rtn. Benedict Onam. His club assisted the association to put up a field at the Ugari Primary School as can be seen in the picture below.

G:\My photos\1234572_603346869747906_1403801325_n.jpg

among other Logistics support offered by the club. It is in this regard that we invite other groups or clubs to get this intellectually demanding game introduced in this part of Kenya.

•Schools have some equipment which, although inadequate, enables the teams to practice effectively.

•Migori team has the 15U boys trophy which they won in 2014 at the Baseball Federation of Kenya (BFK) championships

•5 Baseball players in the picture below, have been selected to form the BFK national team

G:\My photos\10845960_747791488636776_901446340502116810_n.jpg

1.Inadequate trained baseball and softball personnel i.e. umpires, coaches and scorers

2.Inadequate equipment, especially mitts and uniforms

3.Resources to run training and to organize friendlies against other teams

4.Being a newly introduced sport, many people do not understand its mechanism – hence they don’t enjoy it.

5.Lack of publicity mechanisms

1.Chairman: Joseph Odero-

2.Secretary: David Waore –

3.Coach: Peter Ndaga –

4.Rtn Benedict Onam –


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Pleasant Valley 5th Grade Elementary Chess Club: Amanda Davis

We begin our 2nd (6) week chess program in the classroom of Ms. Davis on March 24…..every Tuesday for the next 6 weeks. We are looking for lady chess players to help support the students.

Thank you teachers, parents and students of Pleasant Valley Elementary Schoolncclogo

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Pleasant Valley 5th Grade Elementary Chess Club: Amanda Davis


Session 5 of of 6…..

Thank you Pleasant Valley Elementary 5th grade for your attention and effort. We look forward to chess this summer. Contact Chris Major, 415-879-2127 and register your child. We accept youth 3rd grade to high school age

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Pleasant Valley 5th Grade Elementary Chess Club: Ms. Amanda Davis Room

We begin  our 3rd session in Ms Davis classroom…

This week discuss the objective of chess. checkmating the KING! Thank you for the community support at Pleasant Valley Elementary..DSCF1041

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Pleasant Valley Elementary Chess Club

Novato Chess Club session 4 of 6. The class is learning chess.

There are 31 Pleasant Valley 5th grade students are learning chess over 6 sessions. We are happy to announce many students with participate in the Marin County Scholastic Chess Championship on March 14.


Novato Chess Club (NCC) at Pleasant Valley Elementary in 2015

We salute Ms. Deborah Baraban, “A Work of Art Teacher” in Novato.

NCC have 2 groups, 45 minutes of instruction each session. Appreciation to the chess team of the Rotary Club of Novato Sunrise, Brendan J Moylan, and Chase McCoy’15, Novato High School volunteer. We begin at 1:15pm

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Rotary District Assembly 5150, Leah Lambrecht, DGE 2015-16

A message from leahDGE Leah Lambrecht

Exciting changes are in the works for the 2015-2016 Rotary year. Surprises are in store. I promise you will NOT WANT TO MISS this District Assembly!

Take your club to the next level and learn about bold, new strategies as we prepare incoming club officers, committee chairs and future club officers for their year in office. This particular Assembly will provide all Rotarians and guests with a glimpse of why and how Rotary is a powerful force changing the world. Use the link below and register:

This year, we will be introducing a District Theme that will be the focus of our 2015-2016 year, sure to energize and engage all of our members. The Rotary District 5150 Training Assembly has long been an exceptional educational event. This year it promises to inspire and motivate all of us to perform at a higher level. After all, millions of people have counted on Rotary for over a century to provide service above self.
We look forward to spending time with you in Larkspur on Saturday, March 21st!

Keynote SpeakerMuyatwa Sitali, Zambia


Muyatwa Sitali is a Rotary Peace Fellow from Zambia, who graduated with a master degree in International Development Policy from the Duke University-University of North Carolina Peace Center. Professionally, he is a development policy specialist with experience in water, sanitation, budget analysis, education, health, aid effectiveness and civil society development and management. More than six years working in international development has given Muyatwa a solid understanding of challenges facing low-income countries and the difficulties of development program design and delivery. He has lived and worked mostly in Sub-Saharan countries, particularly Zambia, Liberia and Sierra Leone. While working as Oxfam’s Regional Coordinator for Essential Services in Senegal, Muyatwa also worked on and coordinated programs that were implemented in Ghana, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. This has given him extensive insights into civil society-citizen-state relations in development that he is keen to bring to bear on several initiatives. Muyatwa has also consulted with multilateral and international organizations such as the World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Program on development effectiveness in the water and sanitation sector. He was also a senior consultant in sanitation and hygiene programming with the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council.


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Saint Mary’s College Baseball: Dr. Miles McAfee Youth Day for Education

Join us in honoring Dr. McAfee on April 26 at Saint Mary’s College. Event flyer: ( Barbecue with players. Campus tour for the first 50…


April 2, 2009

By Monte Poole, Bay Area News Group

People like Miles McAfee, whose name may not be familiar unless you hold a microscope to local sports history. He was fairly well-known inside baseball circles but relatively anonymous to the general public. The shame of it is these immense contributors to the lives and families of others all too often get overlooked. “I honestly can say Miles was underrated,” Willie McGee, the former major leaguer who grew up in Richmond, said Tuesday. “What he did, what he stood for LIKE LIFE in general, sport is teeming with accomplished individuals who walk softly, giants whose footprints are best measured not by sheer size but by depth of character and influence. His legacy, it’s all grossly underappreciated”


McAfee, who died last month at age 76, was a pioneer, a man of sound reason, insistent fairness and unyielding conviction. He stood up for those around him, no matter their age, race or stature.

Which is why a celebration of McAfee’s life held last week in Kensington was attended by a vast assortment of Bay Area baseball figures, from Skip Naler, the former trainer at Saint Mary’s College, to journeyman pitcher Anthony Telford, who spent more time in the minor leagues than the majors, to Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan.

All were honorary members of McAfee’s extended family.

McAfee may or may not be best known for his work at Saint Mary’s, where after 12 years as a Pittsburgh Pirates scout he was head baseball coach from 1973 through 1980. The first African American to become a head baseball coach at the Division I level, he is the Gaels’ all-time winningest coach.

“I had no idea,” McGee said. “He never talked about it.”

McAfee sent five players from Moraga to the majors in eight years; only three have advanced in the following 28. Some of his recruits, like Von Hayes and Tom Candiotti, became All-Stars. Others, like Michael Young and Broderick Perkins, made a distinct impression.

McAfee was committed to youngsters from Bay Area high schools and community colleges, as they made up the vast majority of his rosters.

Fired after the 1980 season, McAfee opened an agency in Oakland. Golden Gate Sports Management represented stars (Rickey Henderson, Wade Boggs, McGee, Chili Davis, Eric Davis), solid players (Bip Roberts, Gary Pettis, Kevin Bass, Dan Gladden, Marquis Grissom) and journeymen (Johnny Rabb, Scott Bullett and Telford).

“This guy could have done anything in baseball,” McGee said. “He could have been a GM. He had that kind of intellect. If only they had given him a chance.”

Telford, speaking during the memorial service, captured the essence of McAfee, explaining that Miles treated all clients like family. The San Jose State product stated proudly that he and his wife, 20 years later, still use the chicken recipe they borrowed from Miles’ widow, Lynn.

Or maybe it was Chili Davis, who also said a few words, who best described McAfee, speaking of the man’s penchant for direct language and his voice, distinctive for its alternating pitches.

Morgan declined to speak because, he said, he was afraid he’d get too emotional when discussing his friend and former business partner. His eyes grew moist at the thought.

Filling in for Morgan – or anyone else reluctant to address those paying respects was Chris Major, a former student body president and two-sport star at Moreau Catholic High and the last player McAfee recruited to SMC. Major is committed to having the school properly acknowledge his old coach.


Chris Major ’83, Saint Mary’s College Baseball 80-83. Miles McAfee Era

“I want Saint Mary’s to establish a scholarship fund that’s going to support the ideals Miles stood for,” Major, a 1983 SMC graduate, said. “I also think they should retire his uniform, No. 11. I mean, wow, look how many people he affected. Miles symbolized the concept that nobody should have to take a back seat to anyone else.”

In McAfee’s book, “Four Generations of Color,” he expressed disappointment at not being invited back to SMC – not even for a function honoring Hayes and Candiotti in the 1990s.

So McAfee showed up as the guest of an alumnus who recognized him as someone who made a difference in the lives of hundreds of young men. Which is all McAfee ever wanted to do.

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Rotary Club Novato Sunrise: Fishing in the City of Novato (Scottsdale Pond) 2015

Sponsored by the Novato Sunrise Rotary Club, CA. Fish & Game, and the City of Novato Parks & Recreations Department. A day of fishing,  learning about the eco-system in a fun; relaxed setting. We invite youth and families to participate on April 18th.

Scottsdale Pond is the venue located 101 North bay (exit Rowland Blvd west) in Novato. For more information: Michael Landram, Rotary Club of Novato Sunrise Youth Director (


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The Marin County Scholastic (K-8) Chess Championship

Dear Chess Players and Families,

The Marin County Scholastic Chess Championship is taking place on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

We hope you will be able to join us for this very fun event! It is being held at the Corte Madera Recreation Center, adjacent to beautiful Corte Madera Town Park, so in addition to playing a lot of chess and meeting other children who also have an interest in chess, you’ll be able to play in the park in between your games! All children in the grade level sections play a total of 5 games.

Novato Chess Club 2009

Novato Chess Club Summer Program in 2015

If you want to participate but haven’t yet signed up, you can register for the tournament by contacting the Corte Madera Recreation Department by going to; we have also included the registration form as an attachment for your convenience. We hope to see you there!

Lanette and Jeff Gordon
Tournament Organizers

Marin County Scholastic Chess
Championship Tournament

Sat, March 14, 2015  10:00am-3:30pm
Corte Madera Recreation Center
498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera

Organized by Lanette and Jeff Gordon
Marin Scholastic Chess

Open to all children in grades K-8 living in Marin or attending a
Marin County school. No tournament experience is required.

Trophies awarded to:
Top 5 players in Grade Sections K, 1, 2, 3, 4
Top 3 players in Grades 5-8 section
Top 3 players in Championship Section USCF Rated 900 and above
Certificate to all participants

Entry Fee: $25 Entries must be received by March 9.
On March 10 fee increases to $40. Same day entry is $50.
Please make check payable to Town of Corte Madera.
Questions? Call 924-2362 or email
Course # 1116

Contact Corte Madera Parks and Recreation at 927-5072,
or return the entry form to Corte Madera Recreation,
498 Tamalpais Dr, Corte Madera, CA 94925.
This is a grade level tournament, so please be sure to enter your grade!
Tournament information will be sent to your email address a week before the event.


Child’s Name ___­­­­­­­­­­__________School___________Grade_____DOB______


Parent’s Name_____________Phone#_________Email:_______________


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Sam’s Place for Novato Chess Club, Session I

Novato Chess Club (NCC) is a 501c(3) not for profit public benefit corporation, serving Novato and Marin County, USA. (Federal tax id: 46-5381938)

ncclogoWe are funded through fee based programs, private donations, grants, small business, corporations, and our annual winter HYA College Outreach fundraising campaign.

We announce our Novato Chess Club Summer Instructional Chess Program beginning the week of: June 15, 2015.

We offer 4 sessions for the summer!

June 16* to July 21* Session I (6 weeks, $125)

June 18 to July 23 Session II (6 weeks, $125)

July 28* to September 1 Session III (6 weeks, $125)

July 30 to September 3 Session IV (6 weeks, $125)

Classes will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. (75 minutes per session, 6 weeks)

Location: Sam’s Place, 1545 N. Novato Blvd

Time: 9:30-10:45

Registration fee: $25

Program fee: $100

Total fee: $125*

Maximum capacity: 16

Ages 8 to 14 


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