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"In the seven years they have been together, Patrick Major has seen Sammy Davis transform from a playful pet to one of the fastest dachshund racers in the state. Even though he stands only about 6 inches tall, Sammy can pump his stubby little legs and leap through the air to catch Frisbees nearly as big as he is. And, this pooch was a doggie pinup in the International Disc Dog calendar three years running." Read More Here

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February 5, 2009

Dear Tomlin,

I would like to express my thanks to you for a wonderful and fun opportunity to be part of the Saint Mary’s College of California field trip. It is a blessing to be in AVID, it encourages me to believe in my future and dreams. I am thankful that I even got the opportunity to hear the great speakers. Tom Brown was a fantastic motivational speaker. He encourages me to believe in my dreams. He says, “Do not let anybody stop you.” That 5 word sentence is making a difference in my life. My mom really wanted me to be a nurse, and she even forced me. I thought that I really wanted to be a nurse, but as I grow, I am learning that I want to be a physical therapist, and no one will stop me. Thank you for the opportunity to be at the Saint Mary’s (CA) Gaels Basketball game. It was my first basketball game I went to and I am glad that is was Saint Mary’s. I had a fun time, and purchased my first team finger! It was a blast and I enjoyed ever second of it. February 5, 2009, 2pm-12am was a great experience. Thank you once again!  God Bless. Sincerely, Leslie Anne Andaya, Tracy AVID, grade 11

February 8, 2011

Dear Mr. Major,

Its unbelievable how supportive and amazingly nice and fun you are to us. Thank you so so much for organizing this whole trip for us AVID students. The basketball game was incredible, I got really into it. The t-shirts and bobble heads made it all the more better. You did not have to go through all this work, money, and time to do this for all of us.  But you did, and for that we are most grateful. The campus was beautiful, we went on the perfect day.

Now, the speakers were my favorite part, I think Dr. Rivas was my favorite. The way he spoke was so inspirational and I would love to meet him one day. I feel so happy and determined to do my best, so I can go to college and become successful. I would like to become a photographer and I want to either go San Francisco State University or The Art Institute of Los Angeles. Wish me luck! We really appreciate all that you have done, hope to see you soon! Love, Tatiana Frattelli, San Jose Middle School, Novato AVID

February 7, 2011

Dear Mr Major,

Thank you for the Saint Mary’s trip it was a lot of fun. I also want to thank you for the guest speakers and the basketball game tickets. The guest speakers were very inspiring for me and the basketball game was so much fun. I also want to thank your friends, Dr. Mario Rivas and Rick Rodriguez, they really helped me understand that no matter who you are, you have to go to college. Once again, thank you for everything that Saturday was one of the best Saturdays I had, thank you! “If somebody puts you down, that is a reason for you to get up.” Sincerely, Dhalma Suarez Reyes, San Jose Middle School, Novato AVID

February 27, 2009

Dear Tom Brown,

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I appreciate your motivational words. I got to tell you before I walked in that room, I thought I was NEVER going to make it in a 4 year college, but after listening to your words my mind totally changed about what I thought. I was surprised when somebody said that you were not college material.

I understand that feeling though because many have told me that too. It makes me feel discriminated and stupid. I thank you because now every time they tell me I am not college material, I will be able to tell them, “We will see about that!” Diana Bustamonte, Tracy Unified AVID

February 2009

Dear Student Ambassadors,

I would like to write this letter to thank those who took the time to give us a college tour of Saint Mary’s College of California. I want to thank the student ambassadors that lead my tour group around. I forgot your name; but I remember you had orange / red hair, so thank you! Without them we would not have learned the background information or where everything is at. They were kind and playful with the group. They tried to connect with the kids in the group. The ambassadors made the tour fun, so thanks to all the student ambassadors. Sincerely, Harold Joshua Alimbogoguen, Tracy AVID


“Empowering Youth for the Future”

“Chris, is a tremendous individual who is doing great things thru his organization with the youth in the coummunity. His hard word and dedication he showed on the baseball field has carried over in his passion to give today’s youth the opporutnity to realize the importance of education.” February 26, 2010, Rich Rebello, Owner, GRP Wealth Strategies, studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“Chris Major has demonstrated exemplary leadership and organizational skills in support of connecting young people to educational opportunities. Sharing his own story of commitment, dedication, and hard work, Mr. Major inspires others to see the possibilities that can be their own lives.” January 11, 2010, Tom Brown, Owner, Thomas Brown & Associates, LLC, advised Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“I have known Chris and his work with youth in Hayward and the East Bay for several years. Chris is relentless in making inner city children aware of the opportunities presented by a College education. Chris has brought hundreds upon hundreds of children to St. Mary’s College. Many of these students had never even considered going to college, now they picture themselves as college students. Chris has also been instrumental in initiating wholesome after school programs. Chris is making a difference in communities that need a hero.” January 21, 2010, Sean Mullen, Senior Management Analyst, County of Santa Clara, studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“Chris brings a great deal of energy and comittment to whatever he does. His work in his local community on behalf of young people is a testament to the kind of person he is; intelligent, passionate, outspoken and results-orientated.” April 14, 2010, Guy Houston, State Assemblyman, State of California, State Legislature, studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“Chris’s work ethic and willingness to help others was very noticeable at St. Mary’s and has carried forward into his professional life. Chris has become a very good role model and a major contributor to his community.” January 11, 2010, Tom Calloway,  Student, St. Mary’s College of California, studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“I recommend Chris Major for his dynamic personality. Chris has a we can attitude and will do whatever it takes to find a way. He believes in and fights for our youth both in the minority and majority sector. His tireless energy is incredible. Chris is always willing to fight the tough fight especially when it comes to developing programs for and in support of minority students. Chris Major is a winner.” January 11, 2010, Warren Parker ’85, Claims, State Farm Insurance, serves on the St. Mary’s College of California Alumni Board

“Chris is and will be an asset to any organization or company lucky enough to work with him. Chris is a character man, evident by his numerous volunteer work in the community.” January 11, 2010, Brendan Moylan ’83, Moylan’s Restaurant (Novato) and Marin Brewing Co  (Larkspur), studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“Chris has deep spiritual and caring drive to assist underprivledged youth see the hope in their future and encourage them to achieve it. He tries to put the vision into small deliverable actions that are tangible to young people such as starting a chess club or coaching a baseball team. Chris has deep spiritual and caring drive to assist underprivileged youth see the hope in their future and encourage them to achieve it. He tries to put the vision into small deliverable actions that are tangible to young people such as starting a chess club or coaching a baseball team. Chris believes and teaches that non-academic activities are tied to academic activities and good performance in one will cross over to the other. I have been to events sponsored by Chris’s Hayward Youth Academy and know the students were exposed to parts of life in the Bay Area that they might not have seen without HYA and Chris’s commitment to the young people he interacts with.” January 15, 2010, Mark Giovanetti ’84, Finance and Accounting Consultant, Mark S Giovanetti Consulting studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California

“Christopher Major is one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic worker for youth I have ever met. A graduate of St. Mary’s College of Ca and a former student athlete, he has helped several current student athletes at St. Mary’s become role models for Hayward Youth. Mr. Major has himself made appearances before students in the High Potential Program at St. Mary’s to encourage them to continue to strive to reach their goal of a college education. He has and continues to be a huge inspiration for many students, especially those most in need.” Bob Gardner, Professor, St. Mary’s College of California worked with Christopher at Hayward Youth Academy, September 1, 2010

“Mr. Major is a strong advocate for youth; he works diligently to provide equal access and opportunity to education for all. He does this primarily by providing enrichment programming (chess club, homework club etc.) for under privileged middle school students as well as introducing them to colleges throughout the Bay Area. Mr. Major worked with CILSA at Saint Mary’s College of California to provide a meaningful day at the college for 50+ female Vacaville students. The students received a tour of the college, engaged in service by preparing sandwiches for the homeless in Berkeley, ate lunch in the college dining hall, and watched a women’s soccer game. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Major; CILSA looks forward to working with him in the future.” March 7, 2010, Ryan Lamberton, Community Engagement Coordinator, Saint Mary’s College of California studied with Christopher at St. Mary’s College of California