Pleasanton couple's dog a winning wiener

"In the seven years they have been together, Patrick Major has seen Sammy Davis transform from a playful pet to one of the fastest dachshund racers in the state. Even though he stands only about 6 inches tall, Sammy can pump his stubby little legs and leap through the air to catch Frisbees nearly as big as he is. And, this pooch was a doggie pinup in the International Disc Dog calendar three years running." Read More Here


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International baseball development in East Africa

HYA College Outreach Program at Saint Mary’s College in 2015-16



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Tracy Unified, AVID Program: 2009

 Best Field Trip, Ever!


February 6, 2009

Dear Ms. Tomlin,

Thank you so much for getting us AVID kids to visit your college. Personally, I was very interested in looking into Saint Mary’s, and many other private colleges. At first, I did not really want to look into private colleges, but after attending the Saint Mary’s College I became more inclined to attend a private college. I enjoyed your school atmosphere and the student life. To me, it was warm and interesting. But, I have a question I did not get to ask the tour students, “How is the girls basketball team.” I am interested in attending this college because of the learning environment. I was interested in the science building , and the seminar room. Once again, thank you so much for allowing me to learn new things on this experience. Sincerely, Angelica Contreras, Tracy High School AVID 11

Dear  SMC Basketball Team,

We enjoyed watching the basketball game against the U.S.F. Dons. Diamon Simpson was a beast on the rebounds & scoring that night. Many of my students (Monte Vista School-Tracy) had never been seen a college or college basketball game. We had to leave after the 1st quarter due to the late starting time, but it was fun! AVID middle school student

Dear Mr. Tom Brown,

I enjoyed the speech you gave at St Mary’s College. You really inspired people to better their lives. The statistical factsthat you gave about latinos and blacks dropping out of school, and not going forward with their lives, really touched me. Being a young latina, I do not want to be part of the statistics. Listening to you makes me want to do good in college, and finish college. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Tracy Veronica Loazo, Tracy Unified School District AVID program

Dear Diamon Simpson,

Thank you for putting on a really good show against USF! I admire you a lot because I heard you that you didn’t come from a wealthy family, like me. You give me hope that it doesn’t matter how rich and wealthy you are; you can always try to go to college. Also, I give you the best of luck that you go to the NBA. Michael Diaz, AVID student

Dear Tom Brown,

Thank you very much for “inspiring” me to succeed. I appreciate the way you spoke to us, and told us that their is nobody in the world that can tell us we cannot be a success in school. That we CAN succeed. Also, thanks for telling us that we should never give up. That we should try, and try until we accomplish our goals. Thanks for giving us the hope to try and succeed. Dalia Garcia, Tracy Unified School District

Dear Student Ambassadors,

Thank you for giving us the tour of Saint Mary’s College, and for taking some of your time for giving us the tour. The campus was “awesome.” We thank you for also being so nice to us, ans we wish we could go some other time. Sincerely, Missael Ohaidez

Dear Mr. Carroll,

Thank you for providing us with the pizzas and a nice dining hall. Everything was so good, the [pizza] and the nice dining hall. I really liked it! It was the best part of the entire night. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sincerely, Kimberly Tostado

Dear Tom Brown,

As a Monte Vista Middle School student, I want to thank you for your time, and inspiring speech you gave us. Out of all the speakers, you’re the one that caught my attention. Your background from where you came from,to where you’re at now is such a big accomplishment. When they said, “you are not college material”……what I admire most from you—that despite what people told you, you kept going; not letting anything stop you. It was more than a pleasure to have met you. Once again, I’d like to thank you for everything and look forward to seeing you again sometime. Gerardo Michel, Monte Vista Middle School (one of the guys who sat in front of you in the bleachers)

Ms Tomlin ’81 (AVID Coordinator, Tracy Unified School District)

I really would like to thank you for planning this trip and putting everything together for AVID students. I have really enjoyed my trip, and the motivational speakers really inspired me to apply there. The college is extremely beautiful, and I am most definitely considering applying there for college. Thanks for everything–this trip was very special.  Alyssa Huerta, Grade 11