Pleasanton couple's dog a winning wiener

"In the seven years they have been together, Patrick Major has seen Sammy Davis transform from a playful pet to one of the fastest dachshund racers in the state. Even though he stands only about 6 inches tall, Sammy can pump his stubby little legs and leap through the air to catch Frisbees nearly as big as he is. And, this pooch was a doggie pinup in the International Disc Dog calendar three years running." Read More Here


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 “The HYA College Outreach Program is designed to inspire higher academic goals, and achievement during the middle school years.”  HYA Board of Directors


 HYA College Outreach Program

1. San Francisco Bay Area students embark on an educational college outreach program at Saint Mary’s College of California.

2. Many are first generation college bound students, our program is focused on exposing youth to a college campus for a day.

3. We model our outreach on the success of Diamon Simpson and Omar Samhan.

"O"Zone Nights for Youth

Diamon Simpson ’09 is one of the greatest Saint Mary’s College basketball players of all-time, and Hayward’s finest success story.

“Work hard in everything that you do”, said Simpson.

“College provides the opportunity to learn and improve yourself in so many different ways, that you simply can’t afford not to go. If you work hard there is no reason why you can’t make it, just as I have”.

When asked what his most important goal is, Simpson replied, “Graduating in May and receiving my degree. Of all my accomplishments, that will be the one I am most proud of.”


Omar Samhan ’10, was diagnosed with a learning disability and was enrolled in the resource specialist program (RSP) at San Ramon High School.

He knows firsthand what the kids of Bowman are going through, to feel like many are questioning their ability to succeed and continue on to college.

“I know how many of those kids feel, I was told growing up that I would never go to college because I did not read very well, and as an RSP student, it really hurt to hear that.

I worked very hard academically and athletically to get to where I am today,” said Samhan.

Getting Kids Involved

For this reason, North Bay Youth Academy (HYA) provides children from the Bay Area access to a college campus environment.

Our focus is for students to learn about Diamon and Omar’s perseverance toward their success. Please read about how they made this all possible, and their youth outreach. (past events).

Parents, teacher, and guardians can take full advantage of  a vast array of academic programs at Saint Mary’s College.  HYA College Outreach Program is about educational opportunity, information and providing resources to parents. 


These specially promoted and sponsored nights provide maximum exposure for 1st generation college bound students.

During the 2014-15 season, two (2) games are designated for the HYA College Outreach Program:  

Students will:

1. tour a college campus

2. dine with college mentors

3. participate in a college seminar

4. develop goals, and a path to college

Get Involved

Sponsorships make this collaborative effort a successful youth night for many Bay Area kids.

They will see one of the top basketball programs in the nation. The college exposure is immeasurable, and we at HYA are asking for your corporate level sponsorship.

Each gold sponsor are asked to underwrite the cost of 100 tickets: omarcover-small

HYA will distribute tickets to our partner organizations.

As a sponsor you will receive:

• 4 complimentary tickets to the game you sponsor
• 2 PA announcements acknowledging your contribution to the HYA College Outreach Program

 Gold $700   Silver $350   Bronze $175

Your gold sponsorship provides 100 children access to Saint Mary’s College: December 20, 2016

Corporate sponsors are the life blood of the work we are able to do. Help a child spend a day at Saint Mary’s College, dining on campus with college students, and learn about the prospect of a higher education. 

We accept pay pal.

1. expose: 1st generation college bound students, parents, and guardians to a college environment

2. inform: students, parents, and administrators of college requirements and alternative admission programs

3. reinforce: academic goals, and responsibility

Partnering with Saint Mary’s College make this program affordable for all youth